Shoot’n Deer and Drink’n Beer


Whether it’s beer or coffee, this tumbler will keep the temperature just right! Focus on the deer, I got your beer covered.

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Tumbler by Ozark Trail. It is made of high-grade stainless steel, is double-walled and is built with maximum insulation. This Ozark Trail 20 oz tumbler is equally suited to sustaining the temperature of both hot and cold beverages. Whether you like to keep your sweet tea chilled on a hot summer day or would rather keep your hot coffee from going lukewarm too quickly, this travel cup has you covered. Featuring a durable and rust-proof design, this Ozark Trail double-wall tumbler is ideal for outdoor use. The exterior is also built to be sweat-proof, so your other camping equipment or backpack items will not get wet. The thermos is also made with BPA-free materials and comes with a clear, shatter-proof lid.
The lid is dishwasher safe but the cup body should be washed by hand.

• Ideal for both hot and cold liquids
• Can be used during a range of activities
• Durable, made of high-grade, double-walled stainless steel
• BPA free
• Ozark Trail 20 oz tumbler comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
• Maximum insulation
• Suited for outdoor use
• Clear lid
• Sweat-free design
• Rust-proof
• Includes shatterproof, dishwasher-safe lid
• Hand wash cup only, not dishwasher safe
• Not for use in freezer or microwave


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